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Staying in VIBRANCY - Bibi's return to Dublin

|| Staying in VIBRANCY - untethering from a past that no longer is mine.

|| Being vibrantly alive can require different ingredients at different times.

For me, right now, vibrancy is much about staying light.

After almost 4 years on the road I’m returning home to Dublin. I’m packing my life, once again, into boxes. I’ve been on the road in a camper van for the past 4 years and so the natural rule is what doesn’t fit into our home on wheels doesn’t get to come. Keeping things down to essentials is kind of key in this process.

For the last while I’ve been thinking intensely about the idea of how much am I willing to let go and what’s integral to me?

I think this question is universal, not just for moving homes and life on the road. What is core and what is periphery? What is truly important to me and what is superficial ‘stuff’ that has been accumulated?

For me it plays out right now in the practical realm. The more I bring, the bigger the pain of moving from one country to another. In other words, the less I’m willing to let go off, the heavier the load.

As we are collectively shifting gear, moving across the threshold of the winter solstice and soon also into a new calendar year, the question of what do I want to bring forward with me and what am I willing to leave behind gains in traction for all of us across all aspects of life.

So as we are collectively moving through these water-shed months, it may be good practice to ask ourselves...’What am I willing to let go off, in order to lighten my load?’

What are the relationships, the physical stuff, the mid sets, the ways of communicating that keep me tethered to a past that no longer is me?

I can tell you from moving houses, some of those decisions are super easy but some have been surprisingly difficult. It’s an interesting process to watch & observe ourselves in all the ways we hang on to the past and as a result make moving on incredibly difficult.

The first thing that goes tends to be our vibrancy. Loaded by the web we spin with stuff that no longer is in clear resonance with who we are now. The outgrown makes life heavy and kills our spirit. It also fogs our ability to connect deeply with what truly matters to us.

As I’m packing up my physical life, I have you guys in mind.

May we all shed what no longer serves, so we can bring our love to what truly matters deeply.

With love


Bibi is doing a Christmas Retreat with Yoga Dublin from the 27th to the 30th December, find details here - we're so excited to have her back!

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