Pebble Beach

Fáilte ar ais!

I'm Colm Walsh, the owner of Yoga Dublin.


I can't believe that 18 October Bank Holidays ago I was getting help pushing beams and plywood fastened up to the roof of my first yoga studio in Ranelagh, on a wet and windy weekend.


I had come to yoga about five years previously & gradually got immersed in the Iyengar method, then dabbled in astanga, vinyasa flow and whatever else. It was a natural progression towards practicing, teaching and then the business of the business of yoga and pilates. It's been an *interesting* journey through yoga training, to teaching, evolving practice, babies, life, death and everything else, but never boring.


I feel the same effort this Samhain weekend mentally, as I did physically building a studio by day, then teaching at night in a coldish school hall and one November night...Yoga Dublin's first studio near the Canal was born, the students showed up...


Many spills and thrills later, life throws up a pandemic, which has been so challenging for so many, and affected certainly my business, mental wellness and family life. There are better times ahead, and the satisfaction of seeing humans arriving back inside after 18 long months is a vindication.


Something worked! Our fabulous team and teachers kept the smouldering ashes going, now it's time for bonfires.


See you all soon! 


Colm - 19 October 2021.