Pebble Beach

Welcome Summer!

I'm Colm Walsh, the owner of Yoga Dublin.


This is my 20th year running yoga and pilates classes in Dublin. I guess when I started back in 2003, I didn't realise in the future I'd have to 'pivot' online, get through two years of closure, apart from some false starts, and then 'reopen'...wasn't it hard enough the first few times at different locations?


I had come to yoga about five years previously to my first studio opening & gradually got immersed in the Iyengar method, then dabbled in astanga, vinyasa flow and whatever else. It was a natural progression towards practicing, teaching and then the business of the business of yoga and pilates. It's been an *interesting* journey through yoga training, to teaching, evolving practice, babies, life, death and everything else, but never boring.

May is my favourite time of year, the hint of warmth some days, the garden is bursting with bridlife and pollinator activity, and the darling buds of May have arrived. Watch us also grow and bloom this summer.  Our Yoga in the Park has returned to Dartmouth Square & Palmerston Parks in Dublin 6 until September. New courses, workshops and new teachers are adding to our momentum. Bígí linn!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Colm - May, 2022