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Practicing Yoga with Babies
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Mother and Baby on Floor

What is Mum & Baby yoga?

In our Mum and baby classes we move threw several yoga poses specifically designed to nourish the postpartum body.


We use breath and meditation techniques to support these movements, and to relax the mind.


Best part of the class: You get to meet new mums just like you. Becoming part of a welcoming, helpful and fun community. 


Taking a yoga class with your little one can be a great way to reconnect with your body after giving birth. Being happy out to engage in gentle movement and to meet other new mums, can be very welcome after the first weeks of motherhood. 

Start to mobilise in a safe way, strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominal area, and most of all, relax with some meditation and giggles with your baby.

Enjoy bonding with your baby with some songs, poses and a bit of massage.

Mothers Exercising with Babies
Some other Benefits

Useful massage techniques to support babies sleep and digestion.

Ease tightness, aches and tesnion in the postnatal body, ease back into yoga.

Lifting mood postnatally & bond with your baby.

Improve strenght & health of pelvic floor and abdominal area.

Good to know 

After a vaginal birth you can start practicing Mum & Baby yoga from about 8 weeks or at the moment you've gotten your official -go- from the doctor or Women's health physio. After a cesarean birth it's advised to wait until 10 weeks. 

Practice safely and get the most out of your class by informing your teacher about any postpartum symptoms and your healing journey. When coming to class, bring whatever you might need for baby to support napping, feeding or changing at any time during class. Don't forget their favourite jingly toy ! Mats, blankets and blocks will be provided free of charge.


Classes are most suitable up to crawling age, but ask your teacher if in doubt. 

Did you know that we often offer
Baby Massage, First Aid for Parents and Mummy & Me time courses? 
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