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Weekend 1 - Supreme Ease - Feet/Legs/Hips

Dates - January 28th, 29th

Weekend 2 - Innate Expansion: Hands/Arms/Shoulders

Dates - February 25th, 26th


Weekend 3 - Organic Unraveling: Pelvis/Torso/Neck & Head

Dates - March 18th, 19th

Time : 1pm-7.30pm


Price: - €225 * FOR EACH WEEKEND

A full weekend of movement, study, exploration, sharing and diving deep into the magic that your body is capable of. These immersions are designed for the ‘everyday yoga student’ who wants to have a proper foundation so that the practice feels more fun, empowering, elating, and freeing.

It’s about growing a personal understanding of how your body moves well without pulling, pushing or bracing. Going further by using technique, body awareness and understanding instead of harshness and forcing. “You are built for life, designed to move.” These immersions are weekends where you get to dive deep, explore, practice and build a personal reservoir of muscle memory that will serve you in your everyday practice.

The intention is to empower you through both information as well as practical experiences, so you can connect to the innate intelligence that is naturally running through you. Each immersion is focusing on a different part of the body, it’s specific movement principles and yoga postures related to those. However, we will always move the entire body and you’ll discover how the material of each weekend is shifting how you move in your entire body.

Each weekend is completely self-standing, so you don’t have to take the immersions in a particular order. Take what works for you and leave the rest.

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