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Welcoming Bibi back to Yoga Dublin

Bibi is back :)

The lovely Sybille is back with a Christmas retreat:


Date: December 27th to December 30th 2021 (inclusive) Time: 10.30am every day

€80 or 4 days

This is a deeply nourishing and clarifying four part series to connect you back into your own


What is it all about?

This is a space for you to reorient yourself towards possibilities that feel authentic and meaningful.

A place for you to nourish your heart, calibrate your mind and free up the body so you can fully process the past year and move into 2022 with a refreshened sense of curiosity, self-love & awakeness

Each day, on its own, is designed to leave your layers nourished, alive and integrated, humming with life force.

You get to experience breath work, movement, meditation and guided reflections so as to reactivating your natural VIBRANCY.

As a retreat space these four days offers you a gentle yet potent unfolding into deepening your own trust in your inner voice, vision and dreams.

May we rise together.

Retreat schedule:

Each day we get to meet live to anchor in attention, intention and direction for the day and its practices. This is also where you get to ask questions and connect to community. This section is 30min each day.

We’ve decided to elevate your experience and offer you the practice, breath & meditation sections pre-recorded. This ensures audio and video quality will be high touch, which will give you a smoother playback practice experience. You still get the daily in-person human interaction through the live calls, so best of both worlds. The practice section is 60min.

You will also receive..

Daily guidebook that will bring you through the material and practices for each day. Filled with potent journaling prompts for you to reflect and write on, this guidebook is an important ally in transitioning the retreat experience into your life off the mat

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