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Sound Therapy - For Deeper Relaxation

Liam here excitedly looking forward to welcoming everyone back for a Sound Therapy Workshop/Soundbath in Yoga Dublin Ranelagh on Saturday December 11th - It will be 21 months since the last but the long wait is almost over - and with this studio and its peaceful meditation garden holding a special place in my heart as one of the first studios to open its doors and welcoming heart to me, this promises to be a very exciting pre-Christmas Season Winter's evening of healing sounds.


During those first lockdowns of last year when we were restricted to stay within a few kilometres of home, and when I would visit my local park at midnight to avoid the crowds, I was struck by how similar my experience was to the sensation of being in a soundbath - in the pitch dark - unable to see - all my other senses were enhanced especially my hearing - the sound of the wind through the leaves surrounding me, the crunching of twigs under foot echoing all around, and the rustling movements of animals in the undergrowth seeming so near - and then hearing my own breath and feeling my own heartbeat - being totally in a moment of profound stillness - This is the experience that you can look forward to in a Soundbath - lying down with your eyes closed - feeling a shiver as you feel and hear the vibrations from all the ancient instruments going through you - yours senses awake and your imagination sparked, feeling like you are floating in your own private bubble of bliss.

There is no experience or special skills needed to take part in this sound therapy workshop - simply a desire to dedicate some quality time to yourself - to relax, reset and disconnect for a while. I often say that even if it's just to get a better and deeper night's sleep - then wasn't it worth coming along ? Do you have a regular yoga practice and not sure how you feel about sound therapy? Visualize lying down for a blissful Savasana after practicing a strong vinyasa flow - However, this time accompanied by the live sounds. A completely immersive state.

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