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Yin Yoga - Building Emotional Muscle

Staying grounded, centred and unphased, no matter how uncomfortable or difficult life gets, THAT is the goal of our practice.

We need to remember that these physical shapes are just a gateway into the mastering of the heart and mind.

Why do you think they say, “the pose begins, when you want to come out”? - because as the physical discomfort builds and the mind begins to churn and there’s a strong emotional response that makes us want to hit the ‘f@ck it button’ and come out - that’s when we learn to sit with the discomfort of our emotions and begin to cultivate power over the mind.

Instead of coming out when it becomes difficult, we choose to stay with it. To lean in. To feel it fully. To confront the internal noise but remain still. We learn to observe our thoughts and feelings, as they appear and pass (which they alway do).

Each time we ride the wave and stand strong, we build emotional muscle. We make a memory, that we can withstand the storms. We become more resilient. We build trust in our capacity to live life on life’s terms - to confront challenge and discomfort, without reacting.

Want to learn more?

Nicky Hadjithoma will be coming to our studios to host a 100hr Yin Training!

This 100hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training is a specialised study programme, designed for teachers and practitioners interested in understanding the fundamental theory behind yin yoga, including the ground-breaking anatomic theory of skeletal variation, as well as the energetic aspects behind the practice born from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

FREE Online Trial classes

*December 18th 3pm

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