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Susie Coakley

Yoga Instructor

Susie first discovered yoga when living in sunny Sydney, Australia where she practised outdoors on the beautiful sandy beaches. Since moving back to Dublin in 2014 she qualified as a yoga teacher (and still practises outdoors when the weather allows!), mainly teaching a dynamic vinyasa style class focused on breathing and alignment. Previously working as a psychologist for 10 years she draws on this experience to create yoga sessions that are thoughtful and mindful as well as energetic and flowing. Every class is an opportunity to hit the “restart” button and she is dedicated to giving her students the opportunity to slow down and balance the body and mind.

Since the birth of her daughter Ella Susie is passionate about yoga as a tool for empowering women and their bodies both during and after their pregnancies. She is qualified in pre and post-natal/ mum and baby yoga as well as kids and teens yoga and teaches regularly in schools across Dub

Susie Coakley

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