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Joanna Collins

Yoga Instructor

Jo was born in Dublin and spent her youth training in London. Her yoga practice stems from

a dance background, namely classical ballet and contemporary, so her teaching is rooted in

an innate and precise sense of physicality and alignment.

She began to train in India in 2004 .Her main practice there was in the Ashtanga Vinyasa


Jo completed her teacher training in Los Angeles at the renowned Yoga Works studio in

Santa Monica with her mentor Annie Carpenter.Jo now has over 15 years of teaching

experience in Dublin and


Joanna has been fortunate to study under many senior teachers including Chuck Miller and

Maty Ezraty, Erik Schiffman, Tias Little and David Swenson. Jo has been teaching

continuously in Dublin since 2005 and now instructs on the 300 Hour Teacher Training at

Yoga Dublin with Dave Curtis.

Now a mother of three, Joanna found how imperative her yoga practice was to her through

the challenges of pregnancy and motherhood, and now also teaches both Pre and Postnatal

Yoga,Mum and Baby Yoga and Active Birth workshops.



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Joanna Collins

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