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Nicky Lewis

Yoga & Pilates Instructor

After her roaring twenties, yoga found Nicky. She loves it and hopes to be practicing and teaching

until she is a very old lady.

Nicky teaches an embodied Vinyasa Flow, deep Hatha Flow as well as meditative Yin. She cares

deeply about her students, and is an incredibly passionate teacher who leads with heart and soul.

In a class led by me you can expect a caring, warm and playful atmosphere. I will encourage you to connect with your breath and body through the postures, pranayama and meditation. You will build strength, flexibility, receive a workout for your body, as well as a soft meditation for your mind.

I trained at the Abhijna School of Yoga in Kerela, India and Swan Yoga in Goa in 2017/2018.

(250 RYT)

For me, coming to the mat weather I'm practicing or teaching, weather I cant wait, or all I want to

do is stay in bed, is an incredibly useful tool to help me live a calm and balanced life. By no means do I get this balance right all the time or even most of the time, but I try. I try without judgment (as much as is possible) and that's why I keep coming back.

Nicky Lewis

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