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Mums Journey

Welcome :)

First of all... Well done! Your journey has just started.

One filled with emotional rollercoasters, the greatest beauty & joy and unconditional love.

The mind blowing wonder off conceiving, carrying, birthing and becoming a mum. 

At Yoga Dublin we wish to honour your journey and help you take on the adventure by offering a variety of classes & workshops, especially designed to nourish you. 

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“So much is asked of parents, and so little is given.” –Virginia Satir 

Give this time to yourself...

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Mums Yoga​

At Yoga Dublin we welcome all Mums. Wether you are an Expecting Mum looking for yoga and birth prep, or you are a New Mum. We offer a variety of classes to cater to all your needs.  

FYI: Most insurance policies cover Pre and Post Natal classes & Baby Massage.

* We provide receipts for your insurance.

* Plus free Mum and Baby class with every Prenatal bundle bought!

Mother's Schedule

We also have regular courses and workshops!