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Sarah Kate Cush

Yoga Instructor

Alongside her career in Finance, Sarah is a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor with a huge passion for

movement and wellness.

Sarah first discovered yoga over ten years ago while living in Montreal. It did not take long for yoga

to become so much more than a physical practice for Sarah as she noticed how flowing through

sequences really enhanced her mood and eased her anxiety. She left each class feeling calmer,

more vibrant, and open.

Keen to help others on their wellness journey,

Sarah believes that yoga can be accessible to all and is dedicated to helping students feel

empowered in their practice by guiding them to work mindfully with their own bodies to build

awareness and confidence.

Sarah is a fan of strong, dynamic sequences so you can expect an invigorating, energetic class,

which is always followed by a beautifully serene relaxation to melt away any remaining tension.

Expect to feel incredible as you free up your body and mind.

Sarah Kate Cush

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