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Hannah Dabrowska

Yoga Instructor

Hannah has started her yoga journey in 2008 with Iyengar style of yoga. Hannah loved the slow,

precisely adjusted asanas often with support of props. It helped Hannah recover after giving birth

and get back to her previous physical health, as well maintain emotional well being while looking

after two young children.

Through practice of yoga Hannah has discovered the inseparable connection between body,

conscious breath, and mind. Since then Hannah has gravitated towards an healthy, mindful and

holistic lifestyle. Practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation helper Hannah reach her dharma.

She returned to college and has a diploma in complementary therapies and classical hatha yoga.

She has started teaching yoga soon after.

Hannah continues daily practice of hatha yoga including vinyasa and yin yoga.

In last few years Hannah became dedicated ashtanga vinyasa yoga practitioner. She found ashtanga as a perfect method to stay happy, peaceful and joyful.

Under the guidance of her current teacher Sarah Durney Hatcher, Hannah constantly deepening

knowledge of yoga by studying Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Vedic chanting which helps her cultivate yoga of the mat.

Hannah’s teachings are based on hatha yoga with elements of ashtanga vinyasa and simple

pranayama. She loves to see her student growing and progressing on the mat. Hannah believes

that regular practice of yoga can improve peoples life and with a right approach everyone can

become a yogi. Hannah’s classes are often filled with humour and her guided savasana is relaxing,

induce deep peace and bring bliss to body and mind.

Hannah Dabrowska

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