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Fiona O'Callaghan

Yoga Instructor

My teachings focus the energy primarily on the exploration deep within oneself.  I see yoga as a transformative medicine that nourishes the soul to encourage happiness throughout life and a vibrant journey of self exploration. My practice sees no end and needs no end, only mixing and expanding of ease, relaxation and magic to each day.

My aim is to inspire students to find their connection to the breath and movement and in time, weaving this connection into every day life.


I fell deeply in love with Yoga in 2012 and completed my 200hour with YogaHub in 2015 with the beautiful guidance of Sylvia Ferguson, Casey king and Katie Coldrick.

Most recently, I completed 60 of the most INCREDIBLE hours of my life training with Lou Horgan in Pregnancy and Woman’s yoga.


Fiona O'Callaghan

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