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Chris Kane

Yoga Instructor

Chris grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and spent most of his adolescent life playing American football, baseball and track & field. An active life in sports led to several injuries — many broken fingers, a broken leg, sprained ankles, concussions, bruised ribs, stitches, lower back problems, neck issues – you name it. He never let the injuries slow him down and just “plowed through” the aches and pains.

In 2005, Chris took his first yoga class (Bikram style) and was humbled, as a room full of older women seemed to glide through the class effortlessly while he struggled. This introduction into yoga led to a respect and appreciation of the physical and mental benefits.

He received his 200-hour teacher training with Carson Calhoun and enjoys practicing and teaching a strength-based Vinyasa style of yoga that aims to build muscle, flexibility, balance, reduce stress and compliment your overall fitness journey.

Chris is also certified as a RCYT-95 (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher) with a trauma-informed focus.

Chris Kane

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