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At Yoga Dublin Ranelagh, we offer treatments and therapies to enhance our clients experience of achieving total well-being. To book a treatment – take a look at the different therapists available. 


Here is a little more information regarding the treatments we offer: 




Reflexology is based on the theory that there are reflex points relating to all of the body’s structures and systems on the feet. For example, the big toe represents the head. A reflexologist can stimulate the internal organs, glands and bones of the body and bring them into a natural state of balance by massaging these reflex points on the feet. A reflexology treatment lasts one hour.Also Maternity reflexology available at Yoga Dublin.





Acupuncture is a holistic approach to curing disorders and discomfort in the body’s system. It is the Asian way of cleansing the body from these illnesses, working its way to clear the natural flow of energy inside the body, as they are weakened or blocked by certain conditions, whether physical or psychological.It has been effectively used for the treatment of back pain, headache, migraine, and sports injuries. It is also helpful in treating anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, abdominal, menstrual cramps, weight control, infertility and much, much more.


Acupuncture originate in China thousands of years ago and is part of an integrated system of health care known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine, sterile single-use needles which stimulate specific, reactive points on the body’s own healing response and help restore its natural balance.


How does it work?


In medical terms, acupuncture is thought to work by blocking pain receptors, stimulating the nervous system, regulating hormones, producing endorphins and promoting blood circulation.


What happens during a treatment?


Fine, sterile, disposable needles are gently inserted into various points around the body and are generally left in place for 20 minutes, depending on the required treatment.  Clients report various sensations including dull aches or tingling sensations which means the treatment is taking effect.


Most people also experience a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being. The treatment may also include cupping, heat therapy and electro puncture to enhance the effects of the acupuncture.


The initial consultation and treatment generally takes one hour and subsequent treatments can take anything from 20-50 minutes depending on the condition being treated.


What can it treat?


The World Health Organisation has an approved list of conditions which respond well to Acupuncture. These include:

▪ Arthiritis

▪ Asthma, Allergies

▪ Back Pain, Sciatic pain

▪ Depression, stress, insomnia, anxiety

▪ Digestive disorders

▪ Fertility

▪ Hay Fever

▪ Headaches & migraines

▪ Hypertension

▪ M.E & lack of energy

▪ Menopause, Menstrual disorders

▪ Pain relief

▪ Sports injuries



Somatic Movement Education (SME)


SME is a an efficient and effective way to achieve long-lasting, sustainable relief from pain, injury, stress as well as to enhance overall health and wellness. SME is interactive, you are taught how to help and heal yourself. SME leads you through comfortable movements with focus on areas of tension. By learning how to release this tension, you rapidly reverse the cycle of pain.


You can have a private session with one of our therapists. Feel free to contact us or you can contact them directly to arrange an appointment or to discuss the technique:



Reiki is a gentle but powerful hands on healing art which originated in Japan. It has become very popular over the last few decades and is now widely used in the corporate world, health spas, hospitals, nursing homes and as well as by individuals.

Reiki has proven to benefit a broad range of condition such as migraine, asthma, skin conditions, arthritis, stress and sleep problems. It calms the mind and improves conditions such as anxiety, depression and assists in the grieving process.



Thai Yoga Massage


Traditional Thai Yoga massage is an ancient form of therapeutic healing. Its roots are in India from where it was brought to Thailand over 2000 years ago by Ayurvedic doctors and Buddhist monks. Using massage techniques developed over centuries, Thai Yoga Massage helps to regain the natural balance and flow of energy throughout your body. Acupressure techniques. Thai Yoga massage works on the body on every level – physical, energetic and emotional. On a physical level, using a flowing sequence of  ompressions, gentle rocking, stretching and lengthening of muscles it releases tight and tense joints such as knees, ankles, wrists, hips, shoulders and necks allowing greater freedom of movement. On an energetic level, Thai massage clears blockages in the ’sen lines’ (the nadis, in yoga). Disturbances in the flow of energy result in an insufficient supply of Prana, which will in turn lead to sickness. Working on the energy lines with massage can break the blockades, stimulate the free flow of Prana, and help to restore general well-being. On an emotional level, Thai Massage can help release old, or pent-up feelings and emotions held in certain parts of the body allowing the body to open and heal. No oils or lotions are used, and the recipient remains fully clothed during treatments – which are performed on a comfortable floor mattress.


Thai Yoga Massage is an excellent support to a yoga practice as it works in the same physical, energetic and emotional sphere. As a yoga student you may find that your progress at times is uneven, slow or that your body can’t quite process the changes taking place. Thai massage can help to bring the energies of the body into alignment, to open the body physically and to release emotions creating areas of tightness.


Tibetan Sound Healing


The singing bowls are ritual objects used in the Himalayan region since ancient times. The sounds from the bowls induce deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind and intuition. When placed directly on the body the sound vibration is transmitted into our blood, organs, tissues and cellular memory through the 70% water in our system. The sound vibration impacts our nervous system, engaging our relaxation reflex and inhibiting the stress or pain response. www.individual-journey.com






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